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Lilydale, MN: Pop. 618
Lilydale, MN: Pop. 618
We're back from San Francisco! I can't tell you how nice it is to be sleeping in our own bed again and to see my boys. As much as Wellie and Pip drive me batty, I miss them so much whenever I'm away. I had a really amazing time on the trip- San Francisco is beautiful and spending time with my family was so precious! My sweet little nephew has grown so much since the last time I saw him and all I can say is that I'm completely smitten and love spoiling him! One thing I did notice while in SF is that, as much as I love cities and spending time in them, I am truly not a city person. I prefer quiet and solitude and nature. I guess I'm just a country mouse.

The location of this photo shoot is easily a place I could live. So serene and beautiful. Cole and I found this pretty park in the tiny town of Lilydale and couldn't help but stop for a quick shoot. I had started off by snapping a bunch of scenery photos, then passed the camera to Cole. He took about three photos before my camera started to die. We were able to squeeze in a few more but then my battery gave out completely. In the two years that I've owned my Nikon D60, this is the first time my battery ever died during a shoot. Luckily, the photos Cole was able to capture didn't involve me blinking or talking.
Lilydale, MN: Pop. 618
Lilydale, MN: Pop. 618
Lilydale, MN: Pop. 618
Lilydale, MN: Pop. 618

Photos by me and Cole. Thanks, darling!
Crochet blouse: c/o Ruche
High waisted trousers: F21
Vintage belt: from mom
Beret: American Apparel
Bag and heels: H&M
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