Lulu Letty: Millicent Launches Forth

Millicent Launches Forth

Millicent Launches Forth
Millicent Launches Forth
It was so frightfully cold during this shoot that even Millie couldn't warm me up! By the end my hands were so numb that I could barely grip her handle bars. It was 60 degrees on Monday and I was not expecting it to be in the low 30's and so horribly windy today! Ahhh, how am I going to survive another winter of doing photo shoots in the freezing cold!? While I should be mentally prepared, being that it's late November after all, I'm just not ready for this yet!

Ok, enough griping about the weather. Now I'm going to moan a little bit about my hair.;) Do you all still like it? I can't decide if I do. It's fading and changing and I have no clue if looks good anymore. I think I'm majorly over analyzing it, but I seriously can't make up my mind. And it's not that I even want to go back to my natural light brown color, now I'm not even sure if I like that. Haha. I'm just a big ball of confusion. As always, your sage advice is most welcome.
Millicent Launches Forth
Millicent Launches Forth
Millicent Launches Forth
Millicent Launches Forth
Millicent Launches Forth
Millicent Launches Forth

Photos by Cole. Thanks, darling!
Vintage Aran sweater and silk blouse: thrifted
Dress: Selective Potential, via Delightful Dozen
Tights and Oxfords: c/o ModCloth
Vintage bicycle: Millicent, aka Millie
Tomorrow I'm off to my parents and then Thursday is the day I stuff myself on mashed potatoes, candied yams, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and lots of pie!! Being not a huge fan of turkey, I still can't help but have a small slice!

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Lovely Day Lost  – (November 23, 2010 at 11:31 PM)  

I still very much like your hair that color.I myself have dyed red hair and one of the things I like and hate about it is that the color changes. I love how it looks when its bright, but it also fades nicely so its almost like I get multiple shade of red color for one trip to the salon idk but I like it ha-ha

Lovely Day Lost  – (November 23, 2010 at 11:32 PM)  

oh, and have a Festive Thanksgiving

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