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Catalog inspiration: Anthropologie Summer '09

As you probably assumed, I love bobs. Especially bobs with bangs. Now I just need mine to look as wonderfully disheveled.

Picnik Anthrop collage 3

Picnik Anthrop collage 2

Picnik Anthrop collage 1

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!


Gifts for Jen

Jen's birthday isn't until Tuesday, but I couldn't wait to spoil the surprise! I'm one of those people that get so excited and impatient that I can't wait to share gifts with people. Christmas is pure torture.

Anyways, Jen's my best friend and I adore her sweet baby, Elizabeth, so I made two things for her.

One, a portrait of Elizabeth (aka Cheeks...couldn't you just nibble on her):


Two, a name drawing done in Elizabeth's nursery theme:

Name Drawing

I was just so thrilled by how they turned out that I had to email Jen last night and show her! Luckily, she understands my impatience.


Bobbles & Lace

Remember how I mentioned that I bought a gorgeous dress on my birthday, well here it is! The cut and color are what drew my attention; I love little shift dresses and I love black and white. It was an added bonus that the embroidered paisley fabric was so cool!

Bobbles & Lace Dress

I bought the dress at an adorable little boutique around the corner from my apartment called Bobbles & Lace. When the store first opened this past winter, I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to afford a single item in there. Their window displays were always to-die-for and the styles so chic. I didn't want to tempt myself with looking at things I couldn't afford, so I put off going inside. Finally, I bit the bullet a month ago. Imagine my surprise, when the first amazing, must-own dress that I saw was under $70! I continued to look around the store in disbelief, picking up different items, all were under $100. Thus began my love affair with Bobbles & Lace!

Their website says it all:

"Our mission is to offer stylish and affordable fashion to every single woman.
Beauty does not have to come at such a high price."

Bow teeny

After unwrapping my beautiful dress, I couldn't throw away the gorgeous cherry blossom print tissue paper protecting it. Instead, I turned it into a paper flower and stuck it on top of my monitor. Perfect!

Cherry Blossom


DIY Memo Board

DIY: Memo Board

Cole was always complaining about my disaster of a desk! I had post-it notes stuck all over the hutch and computer monitor- you could hardly see the screen. I decided to find a solution to my cluttered mess. Over the weekend, I stopped by Michaels to pick up more grosgrain ribbon for bows and headbands. While there, I looked around for something I could use to make a memo board. I was thinking I would buy some foam poster board and put fabric over it, but then I found the perfect solution...foam craft sheets! I couldn't decide between the black or white, but finally decided the black would look better and hold up longer. I glued some grosgrain ribbon around it and VoilĂ !! So simple and cheap. Now, I just wish I had bought the bigger size.

P.S. The adorable Pug illustrations arrived with my fabulous Darling Daisy top from ModCloth!


Tour Your Own Town

I hope everyone had a splendid holiday weekend!! Today was my birthday and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day! The weather was gorgeous, my husband was gorgeous, I bought a gorgeous dress...what more could a girl ask for? Since it was Memorial Day, Cole and I played tourist in our quaint New England town. We'll be moving in a few short months, so I want to start capturing all the beauty that I'll be leaving behind.

Marblehead Harbor:
Tour Your Own Town

Views from Fountain Park: (Cole found a toy gun on that bench)
Tour Your Own Town

House views from Fountain Park:
Tour Your Own Town

Old Burial Hill:
Tour Your Own Town

Views from Old Burial Hill:
Tour Your Own Town


Darling Daisy Top

How adorable is this new top!?! I love the ruffled collar, petal sleeves, rosebud buttons and swiss dot material. My b-day isn't technically till Monday, but my MIL sent me some early gifts that arrived today. I tried my darnedest to get a picture of my full outfit, but my camera refused to cooperate. This is the best I could do.

Darling Daisy Top

Top: Modcloth; Hairbow: DIY

Bow teeny

Yesterday, I added an "about me" page to my website! It took quite some time figuring out the layout and how to connect the new page to my "home" page, but I finally got it! I'm so proud of my accomplishments. Two weeks ago, I knew absolutely nothing about html, let alone how to design a website, and now I have a fully functioning (and in my humble opinion) cool site! Screen shots, below.

Home Page:

Home page

About Me Page:

About Me page


DIY Hairbow & Headband

DIY Hairbow & Headband

DIY Hairbow & Headband 2

I found a great and extremely easy tutorial on how to make your own ribbon headband. This then, of course, made me want to make my own hairbow!! After making the hairbow, I attached a lobster clip to the back so I can wear it alone or with the headband. Now I want a set in every color. Oh, such joy!


Wellington Waits

Wellington Waits

When it's time for a walk, Wellington waits. When it's time to be fed, Wellington waits. Wellie sits on my refurbished Chippendale chair and waits... for my attention, for my love and for my affection. More importantly, he sits on that chair to escape from Pip.


Photobucket Ate My Pictures

I seem to be experiencing technical difficulties. All my pictures have vanished. I am currently attacking this problem.


Update: 1pm

Problem solved.




Going through my old art supplies, I stumbled upon some markers that I hadn't touched in six years. These types of markers usually cost about 5 bucks a pop, so I was afraid they'd be all dried up, but sure enough, they were as good as new. I was so excited by my discovery of lost treasures, that I composed a quick sketch. Being lazy, I didn't grab actual marker paper, so the drawing bled a bit, but I quite like how it turned out.


While scrapblogging the drawing, I tested how it would look in b&w and loved it so much that I had to show that, too.

Oh, and I actually changed my website around some more. I finally figured out how to html link a picture!! WoooHooo!! So now it looks even better than before! I know it's silly, and that lots of people probably know how to do that, but I'm so proud of myself. So go ahead and click on the Blog, Shop or Email picture and it will take you where you want to go.


Self Portrait

You've probably noticed by now that I've changed the look of my blog. Not only did I do that, but I also changed every single picture that I've ever uploaded. I went back and scrapbloged all my pictures and I think they look so much better! So please scroll through my old posts and look at the pictures with fresh eyes.

Some other changes I've implemented are the sizes of the pictures are now much bigger and I also added a link to a website I've been working on (see sidebar). The website is very bare minimum and I'm still trying to tweak certain things, but I wanted a place where people could come and have access to all my sites.

It's been a while since I've done a self portrait and the last one I did still had my super long hair from before I donated it last July. So here's a new self portrait. I like it, but I'm always very critical of any self portraits that I draw. So it's hard for me to really enjoy it.



Fun w/ Frames


TopLeft: Oliver Peoples, Zooey; TopMiddle: Paul Smith, Tusty; TopRight: Gucci, 2970/S
BottomLeft: Me; BottomMiddle: Rayban, Clubmaster; BottomRight: Lacoste, 12021.

If you're blind and have to wear glasses, you might as well have fun with them, I know I do.

I'll hopefully be adding more drawings soon.


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